Monday, October 25, 2010

Diaper Cakes -N- More

It's 8:00 am -- I just sent my son off to the Bus Stop, and me and my youngest are headed to the kitchen to scrounge up some B-fast when I hear this loud "Police Knock" on the door! I grab the broom, and look out the peephole , only to find the mailman who is kicking the door because his hands are full of GOODIES!

So, I open a box and it's a BEAUTIFUL girl's diaper cake from Diaper Cakes -N- More. I have never seen a diaper cake at any shower I have ever been to so I was very excited when given the opportunity to review this!!

A Lil About the Owner:
Tabatha is a 25 year old student and diaper baker. She and her husband have lived in the beautiful town of Lake City, MN for 5 years. In April of 2009, her best friend had her first baby and she decided to make a diaper cake for her baby shower. It was a huge hit! A few friends began to request the cakes, and after a while Tabatha began to realize she could do something she loved while making a little bit of bill $ as well! In March of 2010, Diaper Cakes-N-More was born. Within a few weeks she began to fiddle with new materials, and came up with several new products. She now hand makes over 25 different products including hair bows, washcloth lollies, boo boo bunnies, and even onesie cupcakes. She loves what she does and tries to make it show in everything she makes!

Here is the gorgeous diaper cake that I received.

It was packaged all nice and neat, and tightly so it arrived the same way that she put it in!
The cake is made of:
20 sz 2 Luvs Diapers
6 Sock Roses
3 Washcloth Lollies
1 Baby Bottle
1 Flannel Baby Blanket
1 Pink Flower Clip

The washcloth lollies are washcloths with the "Lolli Stick" being a spoon.

I think this diaper cake will make a great addition to any baby shower! They're beautiful, creative, and a way to get a few important baby items into one awesome creation!! I will definitely be stopping in Diaper Cakes-N-More, to get this beautiful diaper cake for my best friend's baby shower!!

You can Find Diaper Cakes-N-More here

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