Saturday, December 18, 2010

*~Giveaway 12/17/10 Winners List*~

Donated by Bubble Bee Creations: Cucumber Melon Hand Milled Glycerin Soap Bar: WINNER Alisha Lesage

Donated by Bubble Bee Creations: Purple Green Floral Double Covered Button Bookmark Paperclips, Set of 3 WINNER Diana Lynch

Donated by Keried Away Kreations: Turquoise and Brown 1inch woven headband WINNER Megan Wineinger

Donated by Angels Boutique: Beautiful Bow... The colors are pink with white polka dots, pink and then brown WINNER Natalie Weir

Donated by Lily's Frillies: Christmas Bow WINNER Cheyenne Wilson Smith

Donated by by Valerie Knight: Santa Train Tealight Holder Regular $54.95. WINNER Renee Lynn

Donated by Baby Made Boutique: double layered bow 1.5in. black w/ cherry blossoms on the bottom and 7/8in hot pink with white stitching on top with white center all grosgrain ribbon. WINNER Catherine Coon

Donated by Baby Made Boutique: Crayon roll is a blue puppy print fabric on the outside and a solid brown on the inside, it comes full with Crayola crayons. WINNER Zoe Hunter Lee

Donated by Home Grown Crafting: Mickey Mouse Fabric Purse Bag WINNER 
Dawn Hecke

Donated by KJS LogoDesigns: $20 Shutterfly Giftcard WINNER Cindy SoulShine

Donated by Fancy Feet Flip Flops: Pink/Red/White Valentine Pony-O WINNER Misty Leask

Donated by Mark.Makeup: 1 mark Glitz and Glimmer Ring in Goldtone size 6-7 WINNER Tamira Graham

Personal donation from Regina Phalange: The Red Set: Perfect for the holidays! Necklace with matching WWJD bracelets WINNER Sarah Jennings

Personal donation from Regina Phalange: Disney's Tinkerbell Comb & Mirror Set WINNER Jennifer Lynn Brumfied Bynum

Personal donation from Regina Phalange: 2 Newborn beanies WINNER Tammy Miller

Donated by Lilly's Bowtique: A Pink Flower W/ a Bottle cap letter of their choice and a pink headband WINNER Doodling Divas
Donated by Glam*Babiez: 2 super cute bows WINNER Lindsey Leigh

Donated by Pure Romance by Hannah Goodwin: 30% Off coupon with Free shipping WINNER Kailee Adams

Donated by Pure Romance by Hannah Goodwin: 30% Off coupon with Free shipping WINNER  Erin Neu

Donated by Heather's Celestial Images: custom 5x7 print quality card design WINNER  Kelly blouse

Donated by ~Karen Sadler~Independent Avon Representative: Very cute AVON evening clutch or makeup bag in Fuschia with brown flower embedded with beadage in middle WINNER Ashley Garnes


Donated by CataBella's Jazzy Jewels: SINGLE STAND OF SWAROVSKI AND SILVER PLATED TUBING!! WINNER Kahyla Von Fahland

Donated by ~Karen Sadler~Independent Avon Representative: AVON 3 PIECE SET WINNER Christy Jeffery

Donated by Chunky Munkey's Boutique: 25% off of dress and bow with free shipping WINNER Chrissie Custer Stevens

Donated by Chunky Munkey's Boutique: 25% off of dress and bow with free shipping WINNER Dawn Saboff Hesh

Donated by H&M designs and more: $5.00 a custom blanket WINNER Youpictureit Wemakeitperfect

Donated by H&M designs and more: 15% your next purchase WINNER  MikeWendie meadows

Donated Thirty-One Gifts by Kimberly: $10 gift certificate towards any purchase on her page only WINNER Heidi Helene

Donated by Penny Pinching Polly: Winner's choice! A 1 year subscription to (choices in album) WINNER Kimberly Conover dickerson

Donated by The Accessory Barn: Pashmina -selection of colors from which the lucky winner can choose from. WINNER Patricia Mohl

Personal donation from Regina Phalange: Holiday Penguin Socks size 4-6 (Shoe size 7-10) WINNER Jodi Kendrick Trinklein

Donated by ZAP Sweet Treats: pink flowered headband WINNER Genea Keller- wynn

Donated by Tastefully Simple Consultant -- Jenny Koenig: A recipe book WINNER Kelly Johnson

Congrats to all the winners and if you weren't a winner this time - come back and play again!!! Be sure to contact the page you won from for your prize and allow them a few days to respond. Some were personal donations so you could leave your email on the prize comments so those people can contact you for shipping info. We hope everyone enjoyed it! See you all in 2 weeks! Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


The One Who Knows The Secret

NEILMED NETI POT ON FACEBOOK is having a video contest! And I have entered it...I don't enter a lot of these kinds of contests because I don't usually do too well. LOL But I'm giving this one a shot!! You can visit Neil Med Neti-Pot on Facebook and click on the contest tab to vote for my video! All votes are greatly appreciated. The contest is also based on youtube video views, I've included the youtube link to view my video there. I know we have some awesome fans! I'm always willing to help you out in just leave me your link and I'll vote for you too! :) Wish me luck........

NeilMed Nasal Flo Neti-Pot is by the way a great clears you right up and you don't have the side affects you do with OTCs. I was shocked at how well it worked...and immediately shared it with my family and friends who also tried it and were very impressed as well. Watch their facebook never know when they might be giving them away again! :)

Facebook Contest:
Youtube Video

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paci-Catchers Sippy-Catcher Review

I received a Sippy-Catcher from Paci-Catchers to test and review. I was very excited to try it out because my 18 month old, Faelyn, has a habit of throwing her sippy cup when she gets sleepy or fussy. The shipping was unbelieveably fast. She shipped it on a Saturday and I received it on a Monday. When I got it I was surprised to see that I got a paci-catcher and then the sippy-catcher part. The Sippy-Catcher easily attaches to the Paci-catcher. So if you already own a Paci-catcher you can just 'upgrade' it to a Sippy-Catcher by buying that piece to go with the Paci-Catcher you already own. How awesome is that?! The Sippy-catcher snaps on the paci-catcher, then you can clip the paci-catcher part onto the Carseat, Stroller, their clothes, etc. You then take your sippy cup and slide the Sippy-Catcher opening over the top of the sippy cup, then just slide the adjuster down tight. It fits to several of the sippy cups we've tried it on so far. Very easy to put the whole thing together and to tighten. My daughter really liked messing with the catcher and it never came loose even the slightest bit. The clip on the Paci-Catcher end is very strong and snaps firmly wherever you attach it. It never came loose either. With the Sippy-Catcher attached to the stroller, if Faelyn threw her cup or it fell off, it worked wonders at keeping it from hitting the ground, keeping the cup clean and firmly attached to the stroller. I love that I don't have to worry about losing the cup or not having a way to wash the mouth-piece, like I used to have to do when she would throw her cup on the ground. Also, when we go on road trips Faelyn always throws her cup and it falls down beside the door or some where out of sight...which is aggravating when she keeps doing it and you are trying to drive and find the cup at the same time. LOL. So with the Sippy-Catcher attached to the carseat, it no longer gets 'lost'. We clip it to the seat and then if she throws it we can grab the strap and pull it up and voila, there's the cup!!! I am VERY pleased with the Sippy-Catcher. It's such a great idea to make it attachable to the Paci-catchers. Wish I had one of these when my first daughter was little. I think every Mom to an infant/toddler would love this and find this a 'must-have' they would carry everywhere. I can easily see these being sold everywhere...and will definitely be suggesting this to all of my 'mom' friends! You can find all the links to Paci-Catchers at the bottom of this review. Be sure to watch their facebook page for some special Black Friday sales and discounts! 

From Paci-Catchers Page:

Perfect for baby shower gifts and new moms! All Mom's want versatility in a product so I designed the Paci-Catcher to adjust short or long, hold toys, turn into a bib clip and a become a nursing cover strap! With all the fun design options there is one for every style! Our mission: To keep life simple for all Mom's and Babies!

Photo's of the Sippy-Catcher:

Faelyn checkin' it out...
 The 'snap' securely on the stroller...

 The Sippy-Catcher at work!! 
 The Paci-Catcher is the one on the left, Sippy-Catcher on the right

 Snapped together to form the perfect 'duo'!

Find Paci-Catchers at the following locations:


**I received no monetary compensation for this review. All thoughts, opinions, and views are solely my own. **

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Soap, Radio Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered to win this wonderful set from Not Soap, Radio! We used to pick the winner...... and the winner is!!!!!!!!

#8 is Renee Lynn !! Congratulations Renee! You will be receiving an email shortly -- Winner will have 48 hours to respond!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Soap, Radio -- Review & Giveaway

Because sometimes money can buy happiness! This is the 'Oh So True' motto of Not Soap, Radio! Happiness can come in many different shapes - Could be that one of a kind vacation to a beautiful place in a country or place outside of what you're used to! Or, it could be that special 'never available' relax and pamper yourself time! Well, what if you could combine the two, and take yourself away to a far away beautiful place, and pamper yourself all at the same time! Not Soap, Radio has made that possible! You can take a trip to the spa from your bathroom! You could take a mountain retreat in your jacuzzi! You could even lounge poolside on a beachfront resort in your living room!

A lil info about Not Soap, Radio!

This company was started by 2 awesome sisters, Laura & Suzanne, and their love for creation! Their mother used to put them in the bathtub together, and they would create bath oil and gels out of soaps, crazy foam, water, and markers!! They would then bottle their concoctions, and sell them like other kids sold lemonade! Who knew this would be the start of a beautiful business adventure for them both! Laura has traveled across the country working in an array of categories from fashion, to beauty, politics, and even worked in the public relations department of Vogue. Suzanne has worked for the past six years in fashion, and with non-profit organizations. 

My Review!

Not Soap, Radio sent me the set 'I'm Not Here, I'm Really on Holiday in Tuscany!'
I was so excited when Laura contacted me about this review. I had never heard of the company but when i did a little research i noticed that they were a growing company and had been featured in several magazines that i have read! A few that they were mentioned in were Rachel Ray Mag, Allure, O, InStyle, and have also been feature on the Today Show! How did I miss this?! I was super ready, as I am one that likes to pamper myself whenever I get the chance. Stress from work, and kids can run your body down - and it's up to you to take even that 10 extra minutes to relax, and give your body the treatment it needs! Not to mention, that it feels sooooo good! =) 

The set included: Sugared Body Polish, Body Souffle, and a Dry Oil Spray! This set has a really light, citrusy, but not overbearing scent. It's a mixture of tangerine, neroli, bergamot, lime, and sweet tea leaves! I can really smell the lime, and somewhat of the sweet tea - but all together makes a really soothing, calming scent that will definitely please your 'nose buds' lol!

Sugared Body Polish

Ok, so I love body polishes/scrub especially ones with sugar,... and with an added bonus like cranberry seeds you can't go wrong! Sugar scrubs are softer than salt scrubs, and more gentle, therefore are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Sugar dissolves in hot water, which makes it less abrasive than salt. And the BEST reason to use sugar scrub is ......Sugar is used for cellulite scrubs!!! The granular crystals are WONDERFUL for exfoliating dead cellulite, and for smoothing your skin tone! If that doesn't sell you i don't know what will, lol!

Body Souffle

Ladies - With winter time coming soon, we really have to make sure we take care of our skin! The harsh weather can dry out your skin - dry skin results in itching, which can interrupt sleep & daily functions. Repeated scratching can cause patches of rough skin - Dry, rough skin can then crack (especially hands & feet). It can then become inflamed, and scaly...and the result in eczema...and then a bacterial infection occur! Scary? Yes! But all this just because you did not MOISTURIZE your skin! This souffle is perfect for this because, it is a thick moisturizing cream. Creams are better than lotion because of their thickness, and they stay on your skin longer! This is a must have for my skin!

Dry Oil Spray

Ok - I will admit - I never use a body oil after i get out of the shower/tub! I know the benefits of using it, but it always seems to leave me oily, and somehow get to my hair! I wash my hands after applying it, and style my hair but by that time my hair has sucked up the oil from  my body, and looks oily all over again! I did NOT have this problem with the dry oil spray! Maybe it's that 'dry' ingredient, lol. I applied this when getting out of the shower, sprayed lightly all over, rubbed in, and washed my hands! By the time i dried my hands off the spray was already dry, and left a nice sheen glistening look on my legs ( like you see on those supermodels legs) BUT it was not oily! I had to double check by grabbing a paper towel & running it over my arms, -- nothing! I was amazed, yes, amazed. It leaves a fresh smelling scent, that lasted through the work day. This product is A-Ok in my book!

All in All - This company has my 100% love, and commitment to their products! I was skeptical at first, because i have sold spa products & smell goods before... but i am thoroughly pleased with all 3 products that were sent to me! I will be driving down the Not Soap, Radio Road soon to explore the other scents they have in their 'I'm not here, I'm really .... ' line. They have won me over ......and Now is your chance to join in my bliss!!

** When you go to Not Soap, Radio and say that we sent you - they will give you 25% off  coupon! How Awesome!**

Not Soap, Radio is giving away a set of this for 1 lucky winner!

Just follow these simple steps:

Mandatory: (1 entry - comment you did both in one comment)
~Become a fan of Southern Belles BonaFide Reviews  (1 entry - comment that you did)
~Become a fan of Not Soap, Radio on FB

Extra Entries: (comment each)
1 entry ~ Follow our Blog
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1 entry ~ Follow Not Soap Radio on Twitter, and retweet the giveaway
1 entry ~ Go to Not Soap, Radios website and tell us your favorite product

Winner will be contacted via email, and have 48 hours to respond! Good Luck! <3
Make sure you put your contact name, and correct email so that you can be located! lol!

Monday, October 25, 2010 Review

Long hard day at work - ready to head home, love on the kids, fix some dinner, and RELAX! Oh! Look - GOODIES!! I open one package, and what do I see? Cute little boy booties waiting for me! =)

I received this absolutely adorable hand-knitted bootie and hat set to review from,
As a mother of 2 boys, I know how hard it is to find cute, unique, made with love boy items here on facebook! So when i was offered this opportunity - I JUMPED!!!

A Lil About the Owner:
Joie is the owner of She is a mother of one awesome son, and one very girly daughter. Her business started as a hobby because her daughter loves dress up and accessories. They started by making hair clips, and soon fell for the kufi hats, and crochet headbands. Shortly after, it was on to making korkers (which are now her favorite) and tutus, which are her daughter's personal favorite. People often compliment her daughter and ask where she gets her accessories. That is really what got her started! Joie has done many craft shows, and is very passionate about her business. She absolutely loves helping the girls pick out their hair accessories, and enjoys being a WAHM. Her husband is very supportive, which helps her stay on track. If you have any questions about how she got started, please feel free to her! She loves to share her story!

What did i get?
I received a pair of baby blue and brown booties & hat to review. They were very carefully hand-knitted. They were knitted tightly, but with enough give in them to get those cute lil' feet in them, and still fit. No snags, over sized holes, or even loose pieces of yarn showing. I couldn't even tell where she ended at! Love it! The hat is done the same as the booties, and fits the head perfectly - Not to big as to fall off, or sit funny on the head. Just right! =)
These will make a great addition to any new baby boys wardrobe, and are neutral boy colors so they match just about everything!

So go on over, and check out! She makes a wide variety of items including Kufi Hats, bow holders, tutus, flower headbands, and woven headbands!

You can find her on Facebook here
You can find her website here

                                                 *This review is 100% my truthful opinions. 
                                                                   I was in no way compensated for my work, 
                                                                                    or opinions *

Diaper Cakes -N- More

It's 8:00 am -- I just sent my son off to the Bus Stop, and me and my youngest are headed to the kitchen to scrounge up some B-fast when I hear this loud "Police Knock" on the door! I grab the broom, and look out the peephole , only to find the mailman who is kicking the door because his hands are full of GOODIES!

So, I open a box and it's a BEAUTIFUL girl's diaper cake from Diaper Cakes -N- More. I have never seen a diaper cake at any shower I have ever been to so I was very excited when given the opportunity to review this!!

A Lil About the Owner:
Tabatha is a 25 year old student and diaper baker. She and her husband have lived in the beautiful town of Lake City, MN for 5 years. In April of 2009, her best friend had her first baby and she decided to make a diaper cake for her baby shower. It was a huge hit! A few friends began to request the cakes, and after a while Tabatha began to realize she could do something she loved while making a little bit of bill $ as well! In March of 2010, Diaper Cakes-N-More was born. Within a few weeks she began to fiddle with new materials, and came up with several new products. She now hand makes over 25 different products including hair bows, washcloth lollies, boo boo bunnies, and even onesie cupcakes. She loves what she does and tries to make it show in everything she makes!

Here is the gorgeous diaper cake that I received.

It was packaged all nice and neat, and tightly so it arrived the same way that she put it in!
The cake is made of:
20 sz 2 Luvs Diapers
6 Sock Roses
3 Washcloth Lollies
1 Baby Bottle
1 Flannel Baby Blanket
1 Pink Flower Clip

The washcloth lollies are washcloths with the "Lolli Stick" being a spoon.

I think this diaper cake will make a great addition to any baby shower! They're beautiful, creative, and a way to get a few important baby items into one awesome creation!! I will definitely be stopping in Diaper Cakes-N-More, to get this beautiful diaper cake for my best friend's baby shower!!

You can Find Diaper Cakes-N-More here